The Best Deck Trends for 2021

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If you are tired of being stuck at home then this is your action call to soak up some sunlight and vitamin D …because you deserve it!

This year it’s all about bringing the indoors outdoors. It is time to make your outdoor living space fun, enjoyable, and functional.

So are you curious to know the best deck trends for 2021? Let’s get into it.

Here are Some of Our Overall Predictions on Deck Trends for 2021: 

Indoor-outdoor areas (outdoor kitchen & outdoor living room), larger decks, or multi-level decks give purpose to the under-deck clearance space, shaded areas (covered decks, sun sails deck canopy, pergolas, pavilion gazebos, deck roofs, roof extensions, and privacy walls), fire pits, and low maintenance deck flooring materials. 



The exploding new trend for 2021 is achieved by creating an overall inviting and warm ambiance by bringing the indoors outdoors. 

Gorgeous Outdoor Kitchen

San Antonio Deck Installation Trends

Outdoor Living Room

San AntonioDeck Installation Trends

Multi-Level Deck

San Antonio Deck Installation Trends

A multi-level deck can efficiently divide your spaces for any recreational activity like a grilling area where you can have a table and chairs to dine in. Other areas for a sitting area with an outdoor sofa, hammock, a fireplace to enjoy and chat, a swimming pool, a hot tub area, or an area that is shaded by a pergola or gazebo.

This allows your family to enjoy the new functionality of your outdoor living areas every day, and it will give that WOW factor when you invite friends over for your famous BBQ.

Another way to enhance your space is by keeping functionality always at top of your mind. Many larger decks or multi-level decks allow the space to design your space for multiple purposes. 

Optimizing the under-deck clearance space for more living areas or storage:

Whatever your heart might desire or space might allow, there are options for everyone to incorporate in their deck design this year. 

Take into Consideration Three Main Things: 

  1. Pick a reliable and experienced contractor that understands your vision.
  2. Choose durable materials for your deck flooring to lower maintenance hassle and cost.
  3. Have a shaded area whether you have a larger luxury deck built with it in mind or whether you want to stay within a budget. You and your family can enjoy the space while still being comfortable in the scorching San Antonio sun.

Options to create a shaded area include:



Something to always keep in mind before spending any of your hard-earned money on any project is that almost all luxury investments you make for your home will put ROI back in your pocket. Meanwhile, most budget options will serve their purpose right now but will not add to the overall value of your home in the long run.



The easiest way to warm up the atmosphere and impress your guests is by incorporating a stunning fireplace in your deck design. This will not only create a relaxing, warm, and inviting ambiance for you and your family to enjoy, but it is functional as well. It adds light and beauty to your renovated space. Here are some examples of an outdoor fireplace for inspiration.

Deck Installation Trends



Whether you have a big or a small space to work with, swimming pools are becoming one of the most desirable things to have this year. Staycations have become more popular and people have learned the importance of appreciating their spaces more. People are building decks around both in-ground and above-ground pools to keep the deck design looking clean and sleek. Here are some examples of deck swimming pools and hot tubs for inspiration.

Deck Installation Trends



Home projects can be overwhelming or even exciting for some people. Things can get missed as projects become bigger. So before you decide to tackle a home project it is important to think about the small yet big details that can make a space extra special.

As we all know, the magic is in the details because it can enhance and transform any space. 

Here are some of the features and modern touches that will instantly elevate any deck design to the next level:

#1 – Modern Railing 

Railings are often predictable designs and something that gets overlooked. Instead of incorporating more traditional railing designs, why not choose something a bit more modern? Some modern railing designs are seamless, low maintenance, and are aluminum/cable/cocktail rails. These choices can enhance any outdoor space.

Deck Installation Trends
Trex Signature Railing – Great

#2 – LED Lighting 

Lighting is really important when it comes to any outdoor space. No one wants to be sitting out in the dark with guests over. How embarrassing. Enhance the lighting situation of your outdoor area with LED Lighting. You can add them to your steps like the ones featured in the image down below or you can add them to your awnings and much more. A simple way to add more lighting to your backyard.

Deck Installation Trends

#3 – Seating Space

Do you host lots of BBQs or special events in your backyard with family and friends? Extra seating always comes in handy in these situations. Incorporate seating spaces within the design such as steps that allow for extra seating pictured below. 

Deck Installation Trends

#4 – Green Living Wall or Vertical Features

Draw attention to a vertical feature wall with your favorite florals or green plants. This will make your outdoor space pop! If you don’t want to do it with plants or florals, you can always paint one of the walls with some mural art.

Deck Installation Trends

So, which of these design trends are you going to incorporate into your 2021 deck design?

At Texas Remodeling Pros, our experienced deck contractors can help you achieve any of the designs mentioned above and more. No project is too big or too small. 

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