Arbor vs Pergola: What You Need to Know

We’re all spending more time outdoors these days. Have you been considering adding more livable space to your San Antonio backyard? We can help you prep your property for barbecues and more!

Building your garden oasis can feel overwhelming; adding more effective useable outdoor living space is a process that needs to be thoroughly deliberated. After all, it can be a hefty investment – you don’t want to regret it later. 

One of the best ways you can improve your landscape is by strategically planning out the available real estate you have to work with to find the most efficient way to make it useable. 

Adding a pergola or arbor can make a world of difference to your yard. But choosing between the two can be confusing; which of the two will allow you to get your money back when you are reselling? An outdoor structure that increases your resale value is an investment. Of course, you also may be working within a budget.  We are here to help.

1. Curb Appeal vs. Useability

First things first, let’s look at the difference between the two structures and what they offer. 

An arbor is best for you if:

Arbors, usually made from wood or vinyl, are easier to DIY than pergolas. They’re much smaller, making them more manageable to work with.  

A pergola is a much more solid structure, making it the best choice if you are looking to increase your home’s value long term. Your pergola can be a free-standing structure or can be attached to your home. Most times, when you have a pergola, it is to improve an area that you are looking to enjoy with your family, such as an outdoor dining space.

2. DIY vs. Professionally Done

Thousands of San Antonians attempt DIY projects with the hope of saving time and money. But is it really worth it to tackle the project on your own?

Frequently DIY-ing a project such as a pergola or an arbor can end up costing you even more, simply due to the cost of building material alone. 

Professionals can buy in bulk, making the materials more economical. This makes it possible for you to enjoy a better, custom build for around the same amount you would have spent yourself. This allows you to have a stress-free build and finally start enjoying your property to the fullest.

In addition, having a project professionally built will give you the peace of mind of a long-lasting and durable structure that, if not done right, could potentially be dangerous to you and your loved ones.

3. Resale ROI

If you are looking to improve your home’s resale value, installing a pergola is the best route. In San Antonio, specifically, because of our sunny weather, outdoor living space is a critical factor when investing in a new property.

Imagine being able to enjoy your backyard. Then, imagine making all your money back when you’re ready to move. If that sounds good to you, then you should invest in a professional landscaping contractor. San Antonio, are you ready to have a brand new backyard stress-free??

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