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If you’re looking to build a deck, you’ll soon discover that there are many types of decking material, each with its own pros, cons, and price points. And it’s well worth knowing your options and picking right: Chosen wisely, decks are worth every penny, with most homeowners seeing an average 72% return on their investment. So whether you’re looking to add a deck to your home or just refurbish the one you have, check out this guide to types of decking so you can pick the best one for your climate, wallet, and otherwise.

Wood Patios and Decks

Wood is a traditional, popular, and high-maintenance choice for decking. The material looks warm, feels cool underfoot, and smells great.

Pros: Wood stays cool in summer, is kind to your feet, and has a rustic look and feel, which goes well with many house styles.

Cons: Wood is the diva of decking. It demands annual cleaning, restaining, and resealing every three or four years. If you skip on maintenance, wood decks can stain, crack, rot, and warp. The next thing you know, you’ve got splinters in your feet and a chance of structural collapse.

Cost: $15 to $75 per square foot, depending on the wood species, according to

Life span: 10 to 30 years


Composite Patios and Decks

Composite, made from recycled plastic and waste wood fibers, is considered a lightweight, green choice for those who love the look of real wood decking but hate the idea of cutting down forests. The edges of some types of composite deck planks conceal fastening screws, giving the material a more natural look.

Pros: It looks like wood without constant maintenance and is available in many designs, colors, and textures. Composite decking is easy to clean with soap and water and won’t rot.

Cons: It’s pricey, starting at almost twice the cost of wood, plus darker designs will show weathering over time. Composite decking can sag and, if placed in the shade, can host mold and mildew.

Cost: $25 to $70 per square foot installed

Life span: 20 to 50 years


Plastic/PVC/polyethylene Patios and Decks

It’s high-density plastic, so you don’t have to worry about splinters and high maintenance. On the other hand, no one will mistake plastic decks for wood decks.

Pros: Plastic is stain- and fade-resistant. A special coating makes plastic slip-resistant when covered with rain. It’s also low maintenance and doesn’t need sanding, staining, or painting.

Cons: Some brands tend to sag and can require a more extensive support structure than wood. Plastic can feel hot on bare feet in summer and looks like plastic.

Costs: $25 to $50 per square foot installed

Life span: 30 years or longer


Aluminum Patios and Decks

Anodized aluminum decks are sleek, durable, and won’t rot under rain or near lakes, rivers, and streams. Textured finishes on aluminum decking keep feet cool in summer and prevent slips after rain.

Pros: Aluminum is tough, low-maintenance (sweep and occasionally rinse with a garden hose), and resists mold and mildew. Aluminum pairs well with contemporary designs and maintains its color long after other decking material has faded.

Cons: It’s a higher-priced decking material, and it looks like what it is—aluminum.

Costs: $20 to $40 per square foot installed

Life span: 50 years or longer


Concrete Patio with Wood or Composite Decking

A concrete patio with a wood or composite deck is a popular combination in deck and outdoor building and living. This combination offers the best of both worlds, providing a solid and durable foundation with a wooden deck’s versatility and natural aesthetic. The concrete patio provides a stable base for outdoor furniture, grills, and other features, while the deck adds warmth and visual interest to the space. This combination is ideal for creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living areas, and it offers a wide range of design possibilities for homeowners.

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